Protecting your Pet – Why It is so Important

As a caring pet owner, you will know that worms come with the territory, and so worming your pet is an important part of the care routine. As well as making sure that your pet has a well-balanced diet by using a brand such as Eukanuba, it is important to keep up a regular worming routine.

Many people often ask why they should worm their pet when they appear healthy, but even without showing obvious signs, pets that do not follow a regular worming pattern may be suffering from a worm infestation. Furthermore, worms carried by dogs and cats can pose a health risk, not just to the pet themselves, but to the humans that they have close contact with.

Cats and dogs can appear healthy even when they have a worm infection and therefore it is very important to speak to a vet or a specialist pet retailer such as Nutrecare who are able to offer impartial advice as to which wormer is the most appropriate for your pet.

It is important to look out for the signs of worms in your pet, which can include “scooting” this is where your cat or dog is infected and due to the itchiness they drag their bottom along the ground with their back legs. They can also suffer from weight loss, vomiting, diarrhoea or a dull and lifeless coat, just to name a few.

It may be necessary to follow up with a special veterinary pet food treatment such as the Hill’s Science Plan or the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet which may be able to help ease some of the symptoms associated with worms.

It is also important to remember that large animals such as horses can also be infected with worms and therefore the use of regular horse wormers is recommended to help keep the condition under control.

Speak to a vet or a Nutrecare advisor who will be able to help recommend a dog, cat and horse wormers and also help suggest the best follow up plan to help your pet deal with the symptoms of worms if these develop through the use of a premium pet brand food such as Hill’s pet food.