About Us

The all volunteer no-kill 9 Lives Cat Rescue Group is a small welcoming place for cats and the people who love them. Since its foundation in 2006, it has provided care and compassion to stray and surrendered cats in Lafayette, County MS and surrounding areas. We only cage cats for health or behavior issues. We spay and neuter all the cats that come to us before they leave for new homes. The 9 Lives Cat Rescue Group is not affiliated with the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society.

9 Lives Cat Rescue depends solely on the revenues from adoptions fees and donations to provide the necessities for our cats & kittens. Every dollar that you donate helps to provide for:

  • The vet care, food, litter, bedding and the many other supplies needed to care for our cats.
  • For our feral program so that we are able to trap, neuter and release feral cats in our community, thereby enabling us to humanely control the cat population.
  • For our spay/neuter certificates to help the low income members of our community; and
  • For cats in our program that require ongoing veterinary care.

When a cat or kitten is brought into our program, we make a lifetime commitment to their care until they find a permanent, loving home through adoption. Our wonderful volunteers care for the cats, but 9 Lives Cat Rescue pays for the medical bills, food, and anything that a cat may need. Many of these cats have been with us for over a year. Your support enables us to care for them until a permanent home is found. Please see all of the ways that you can help 9 Lives Cat Rescue with your financial support. Your donation is greatly needed and appreciated! Without your dollars, we would not exist!