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Holiday Hazards – What to Watch Out For!

Holidays can be some of the most enjoyable times of the year: a decorative Christmas tree, a delicious meal on the table, the smell of cinnamon pine cones drifting through the house. But some felines have a propensity for mischief and can be more naughty than nice! So if your kitty is on Santa’s naughty list, here is what you should watch out for and how you can … [Read More...]

Senior Bella

Animals We’ve Helped

Homer (blind) One of our 9LCR volunteers found a three week old black kitten with severely infected eyes, sitting in the middle of a highway. Just like the little kitten described in Gwen Cooper’s book “Homer’s Odyssey’ he needed expensive surgery when he was only a baby, but recovered fully from the removal of both of his eyes. At age 3 months he was adopted … [Read More...]

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